If you think the rule of not wearing white after Labor Day still applies, think again. It’s acceptable to not only continue wearing white after the beginning of September, but to also decorate your interior space with white. Soft white accents   A neutral palette—any time of year—can instantly make your home brighter and more welcoming. If you still want to keep the autumn feel alive, add white gourds instead of orange. The options are endless for decorating with ivory and soft whites, making this the way to go for post-summer decorating. Gallery wall A black and white gallery wall could do wonders for your living room. It looks chic and clean, but still adds personality to the space. Stick with white frames with extra white space within the frame to keep the gallery wall minimalist. Play around with textures Too much white without texture can seem cold and boring. Research various wall textures

If you’re a fan of antiquing, incorporating your favorite finds into your decor can be a rewarding challenge. There is so much hidden value in antiques, and this updated window-frame craft is all the proof you need—perfect for displaying your favorite kitchen wears and collectibles! Materials Tape measure Antique window frame Dust mask Sandpaper Cloth White paint Large hard-bristle paintbrush 1” x 5” common board (cut to fit dimensions of window) ¼” x 5” plywood (cut to fit dimensions of window) Pencil Wood glue Drill (4) 1/8” wood screws (8) #16 paneling nails Hanging brackets ¾-inch corner braces Directions: Wearing a dust mask, sand off the existing paint on the window frame. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove any excess dust. Paint and let dry. Measure the outside of your window frame. Measure the width of the top of your frame on the common board. The