Design Services

When it comes to home design, your interior speaks as to who you are, what you care about, and where your interests lie. As an accredited staging professional, I have a unique approach to design that helps capture my client’s personality while improving their owner’s equity. When I speak with a client, I hear their excitement about their project or their anxiety about an upcoming move. When I enter a home for a consult – the home speaks to me, and I listen with a practiced ear to achieve our design goals together .

Our initial consultation lasts for up to two hours that leaves you with a to-do list, paint names, resource contacts, fresh ideas, and tips. With a price of $175

If you wish to employ me to work with you on your remodel or renovation project, blocks of time may be purchased at a rate of $75/per hour – or  ten-hour blocks of time for $675  call me today to arrange our meeting

Contact me now to arrange our meeting!